D400 Wind Generator

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D400 – Dedicated Micro Wind Generator

The D400, a dedicated wind micro generator for the growing market of off-grid low voltage applications. This machine is the most productive turbine of its size available.

DuoGen Water and Wind Generator

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DuoGen – Water & Wind Generator

The DuoGen, a unique and patented combined wind and water generation system for cruising yachts. This product has been selling well for over eight years. The revised version 3 of the product offers increased utility and ease of manufacture.


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Sail-Gen – Dedicated Water Generator

The Sail-Gen shares the same operating principal as the DuoGen’s water mode, which is well proven over hundreds of thousands of sea miles. The Sail-Gen has the same geometry as the DuoGen and also utilises the same alternator, water impeller and drive train.

Stealth Gen Dedicated Grid Tie Wind Generator

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StealthGen – Low Visual Impact Wind Generator

The StealthGen, a low visual impact wind generator, designed to service a new and emerging market in the widespread adoption of small-scale wind generation to produce power for offices, homes and factories.