Grid Tied Micro Generation

Grid Tied Micro GenerationWe live in a power hungry would. Increasingly we are all reliant on energy to maintain our lifestyles with expectations of unfettered travel by air, road and rail, heating our homes in the winter and air conditioning in the summer. Add in lighting, cooking, communications and leisure activities and the average UK home is consuming over 10kw hours of electricity per day on average.

The problem is that at present the bulk of the energy we use is derived from the burning of fossil fuel. As it takes the planet 3 million years to make the oil coal and gas that we burn in a single year, you do not need a degree in maths to realise this is simply not sustainable.

In addition it is now universally accepted that burning fossil fuel at current levels is altering the planets climate with possibly disastrous consequences.

However there are intelligent alternatives to our current reliance on fossil fuels and renewable energy technologies will undoubtedly play a major part in future power provision.

Large scale offshore wind generation, together with substantial tidal and wave power schemes are expected to be major contributors, together with photovoltaic solar thermal and biomass. Nuclear power is also likely to be part of the mix.

Grid Tied Micro GenerationMost commentators accept there is no ‘silver bullet’ solution to replacing fossil fuel, and the appropriate technology needs to be used at the appropriate location.

Micro Generation forms part of this thinking. Micro Generation technologies are Grid Tied Micro Generationsmall scale generation devices intended to produce power at the point of consumption, in contrast to the centralised generation and distribution energy model we are familiar with. Micro generation
incorporated within houses and commercial buildings could make a substantial contribution to the overall power requirement, if adopted on a large enough scale.

Grid Tied Micro GenerationRunning alongside this would be measures to increase the energy efficiency of our buildings and transport networks.

Eclectic Energy is in the fore front of developing domestic scale grid tied wind turbines. Designed to for building mount or free stand the StealthGen micro wind system delivers grid comparable AC power directly into the ring main of your building.